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Sponsored Ads leverages a real-time auction-based advertising marketplace to find the most targeted traffic for Advertisers. Our inventory consists of direct publishers in addition to publishers that are cross partnered with us from many other Advertising Networks and Exchanges. Since no Advertising Network wants to waste unsold inventory we partnered with each other to gain the most advantage for everyone.

Having abundance of inventory space allows our Advertisers to better target the exact kind of traffic they want.

Step 1: Target the type of web site you are willing to place your ads on
Step 2: Target the type of audience you are willing to show your ads to
Step 3: Decide how much this traffic is worth to you and place your bid

Advanced targeting options are based on contextual, behavioral, and/or profile factors. Each Advertising Network within our Marketplace will have an option to display your ads. Every time there is a page view that matches your targeting parameters the system will check for the highest bidder. The system holds this type of live auction in less than 0.1 of a second so there is virtually no delay noticeable.

Our marketplace full of advertising inventory can help you in many ways:

• Get direct access to over 120 billion impressions per month
• Dedicated sales team helping and supporting you at every step of the way
• Campaigns optimized for best results whether itís CPM/eCPM, CPA or CPC
• Precision targeting includes by site, keyword, behavioral and/or past visits
• Real-time biddable (RTB) exchange system across all of our partnered networks
• Gain full access to real time comprehensive reports about your campaigns

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