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Sponsored Ads strives to maximize the earning potential of every ad spot in your inventory. We combine ads from Direct Advertisers, Ad Networks, and Ad Exchanges to find you the highest CPM rates on the market. We are so confident in our CPM bid prices that we allow you to set your own target price and we'll only serve ads when we can outperform that price. And in case the price is not matched we'll serve your own ad codes or those from a 3rd party provider.

Our system holds real-time auctions to find the highest priced ads to show to each of your visitors and it only takes 0.1 of a second to find the best pricing available.

Our marketplace full of advertising campaigns can help you:

• Get ads from the Ad Exchange with the highest bid price
• Sell and manage your entire Advertising Inventory in 1 place
• Display Targeted ads based on your Specific Criteria
• Gain full access to real time comprehensive reports about your traffic
• Access clean ads without any spyware or malware
• Get help and questions answered from our dedicated Support Team

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